Small Flame Attachment

Part of the collection inspired by Jackie's time spent at the majestic Patagonia region, this modular earrings and attachments are designed to be worn with many variations in mind. Wear the top piece on its own or add on the detachable bottom pieces for a statement look. The Flame Attachments are available in four sizes: Tati Flame, Long Flame, Medium Flame, and Small Flame.

Sold as a unit, this attachment is designed to be worn with Zyl, Tati, Sabi, and Paula earrings.

Preorder- shipping est. 2-4 weeks from the order date.

Product details

  • Available in 18k Yellow Gold plated brass, White Rhodium plated brass,  Gunmetal plated brass, and Sterling Silver.
  • All pieces are responsibly made in New York, using Jacqueline Barbosa’s proprietary technique.
  • Measurement - 6cm length


Please email for any inquiries or for press information.

  • $65