Barbosa is dedicated to making authentic designs with daring creativity. Our world is one of courageous dreams, where expression and beauty come to life through sculptural jewelry.

We are an independent company that embodies an essence of timelessness, challenging the fashion industry’s disposable code. With rigor and craftsmanship in mind, each design is hand sculpted. Expressing through jewelry a balance between imagination and palpability with our feet always grounded in global affairs.

 Barbosa’s commitment to the world is guided by our founder and creative director Jacqueline Barbosa’s relationship with nature and our team’s desire to create beauty with responsibility.



 Jackie was born in Brazil and raised in the countryside. Her love affair with nature was kindled by her surroundings, growing up enveloped by natural beauty and wild animals. At an early age, she felt a deep connection with the cosmos and carried a strong belief that there’s more to this world than meets the eye.  

That bond inspired Jackie in her creative pursuit.Through jewelry, she found a way to write her story. Showing the world how she perceives it, creating heirlooms, a special memory, or artifacts of a moment in time.

Jackie saw in her designs the potential of its wearer and the resilience she wishes upon nature, with the ambition they could permeate through the next generations while representing its current.

Merging that desire with an impulse to create what she wanted and could not have a designer was born.

Jackie started playing with jewelry making, spending years studying and experimenting with traditional goldsmithing, and new technologies but it was only upon completing her Masters in Jewelry Design at Central Saint Martins that Jackie developed the process that she uses to design today.

 Throughout the years Jacqueline’s proprietary artistic process and unique perspective of the world have become her signature, attracting a loyal following and clientele that includes notable figures like Viola Davis and Amal Clooney. Her original powerful yet playful view on fashion has been featured in Editorials such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, and The Guardian. 

We carry 3 lines of jewelry: Bespoke, Fine, and Fashion. Working with local jewelers in New York City and Sao Paulo, using the highest quality materials from precious metals such as mercury-free, responsibly mined 18k gold, Sterling Silver and gold plated brass, to responsibly sourced diamonds and gems. We don’t go on sale nor do we carry an excess of stock.