Jewelry Care

Beware of the enemies of your jewelry: bleach, ammonia, and other household chemicals. They can dull the shine and damage the surface of your precious pieces.


Plated jewelry:

Don't let your plated jewelry mingle with water, sweat, or beauty products. They can strip away the thin layer of metal that gives it its color and luster. To keep your plated jewelry looking fresh, wipe it gently with a soft cloth after each wear. Avoid rubbing too hard or using any abrasive cleaners or cloths. They can scratch the delicate coating and expose the base metal underneath.


Sterling Silver jewelry:

Silver is a noble metal, but it can tarnish over time when exposed to air and moisture. To restore its brilliance, you need a trusted silver jewelry cleaner and a soft cloth. Apply a small amount of cleaner to the cloth and rub the silver gently in circular motions. Rinse it well with warm water and pat it dry with a clean cloth. Then, polish it with a special cloth or mitts designed for silver jewelry. This will remove any traces of tarnish and make it sparkle again.


When your jewelry is not adorning you, store it in a safe place. The best option is the original packaging that came with your purchase. It will protect your jewelry from dust, humidity, and scratches.


BARBOSA is not liable for any damage or loss caused by improper care or handling of your jewelry. Repairs are subject to evaluation and fees.