Amor Tiny Studs

Here’s to LOVE - in all its forms. Here’s to all the lovers, past, present, and future that you may love, or did love, or almost loved, or yearn to love, but may never get the chance to.

Part of our permanent “Magnetic Fields” collection, these Amor studs is one of our all time favorites.  

Preorder- shipping est. 2-4 weeks from the order date.

Product details

  • Available in 18k Yellow Gold plated brass, White Rhodium plated brass,  Gunmetal plated brass, and Sterling Silver.
  • All pieces are responsibly made in New York, using Jacqueline Barbosa’s proprietary technique.


-Height: 1cm

-Width: 0.9cm

-Weight: 0.5g 


Please email for any inquiries or for press information.


  • $105